Welcome in my practice for eros exploration for Gay, Bi en Open Minded men

Hello, I am David, 

I guide and support men during their exploration of sexuality from a body-mind connection to their authentic self (Core).


Eros exploration encompasses your sexual needs, desires and passions as well as your deeper values, respectful sexuality and perception of identity. Eros bridges the gap between the erotic, the connection with yourself, the relational and the existential dimension.


Eros Touch & Massage

For men who love massage, touch, stimulation, sensuality, sexual exploration, security and empowerment in respectful contact with a man. My integrative method uses touch and massage as a form of art. I approach you as a body-mind-eros unity.

Body Flow Tantra Massage for men 

A deep full body experience which takes you on a sensual journey through your body and sexuality. Given in a flow motion with different rhythms and massage strokes. We work in nakedness and you are allowed to be who you are as an Eros sexual being.

(2 hours 80 euro).


Eros Tantra Massage for men 

An in-depth experience on the wave of Eros where sexual energy and excitement are used to experience your manhood in connection with your heart and erogenous zones. We build the erotic sensation and spread it throughout your body to enhance your pleasure like an orgasmic, electrified event. It encompasses the Tao-Tantra genital and/or anal/prostate massage.

(2 hours 95 euro)


Eros Experience for male couples

To upgrade and explore intimacy and sexuality within your relationship. Eros will be experienced both as sensory lustful pleasure as loving connection. We move together within a giver-receiver sphere where you both give and receive massage to each other. The giver massages the receiver together with me. This ero-tantric interplay opens up a different way of relational and intimate togetherness, which gives many men new incentives and possibilities.  It also can be seen as a simply pleasant way to offer each other a moment of loving and playfull pampering.

(2hours30min - 155 euro)

Eros Integration Bodywork for men


Embodiment work for men who want to pay attention to their personal development or are in need for healing.


Through mindfull physical awareness, attentive touch, deep manual techniques, specific movement methods and conscious breathing we stimulate the body-mind integration process. This is simultaneously accompanied by the processing of fixed physical-psychological structures and the rediscovery or awakening of the healthy aspects that are already present, focused on growth and your core-being.


You gradually experience to be more attentively present in your embodied self, which results in an integrated personality.

(2 hours 80 euro)




For gay, bisexual or openminded men who favor a therapeutic setting with a man. You can contact me for topics that are directly related to your sexual orientation or sexuality in general, but you can also rely on my counseling or therapy for any life theme.


My therapy model is interactive which means that I work with various therapeutic methods depending on your context, request for help and entrance (your personality). It may well be that we also work with body-mind-eros bodywork, but not necessarily.

(80min 60 euro)


Hello visitor, my name is David and I have been working as an Eros sexual body worker and tantric masseur since 2010. I am also a psychotherapist, based on an integral (holistic) vision with a strong focus on embodied consciousness.

It was a very exciting journey for me to get to this point. I have my own background, patterns and trauma traces that had an influence on different areas in my life.

My growth process through both therapeutic, body-mind oriented, spiritual and eros-tantric ways have opened me up to become a more free man in flesh, bone and relationships.

I learned to reintegrate lost, fragmented aspects, to recognize and express my needs, to deepen my breathing, to accept my sensuality and sexuality, to experience pleasure and to let my orgasmic life energy flow ...

Living from my core or authenticity is an ongoing process and I share this with others.  This path improved my social contacts and my sexual-relational skills. Connecting with the other from an integrative autonomic place within myself is essential. My own journey as a queer gay man is an interesting discovery which integrates life energy as a  Body-Mind-Eros unity and I invite you to explore yourself with my humble guidance and support.


My Eros education isTantra Massage and Sexuological Body-Mind-Eros work.

I have a basic training in Integrative Psychotherapy since 2005 and further specialized in various professional therapeutic and other disciplines: 


  • Drama and Movement Therapy (Sesame method).

  • Different types of massages.

  • Thai Yoga Massage.

  • Body-mind oriented therapy.

  • Myofascia Energetic Release.

  • Somatic Breath Therapy.

  • Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release.

  • Vital & Voice Movement Integration.

  • Family constellations.

  • Rituals & wheel of life work.

  • Shamanism.

  • Sound Therapy.

  • Trauma therapy Somatic Experiencing according to the model of Peter Levine.


For Therapy & Bodywork:
Send me an email or whatsapp-chat and tell me which session you like to book, give me in short some extra information, why do you want this session?

For Eros Touch & Massages:

  • Send me in short your reason why you like to have this experience
  • A recent and decent picture
  • Mobile number


"David has a genuinely sweet soul that he shares with you through conversation and touch. His deliberate and sensual movements transfer a gentle positive energy that provide healing initially and long after the tantra massage. His website is thorough and his prompt replies put me at ease prior to arriving at his welcoming home. His place is very clean and comfortable. He speaks fluent English. I highly recommend a tantra massage with David without any reservations."     
Sean from U.S.