Welcome in my practice for eros exploration for Gay, Bi en Open Minded men

Hello, I am David, 

I guide and support men during their exploration of sexuality from a body-mind connection to their authentic self (Core) within a respectfull way. 


Eros Touch & Massage

For men who love massage, touch, stimulation and sensuality within security and empowerment in respectful contact with a man. My integrative method uses touch and massage as a form of art. I approach you as a body-mind-eros unity.

Body Flow Tantra Massage for men 

A deep full body experience which takes you on a sensual journey through your body and sexuality. Given in a flow motion with different rhythms and massage strokes. 

(2 hours 80 euro).


Eros Tantra Massage for men 

An in-depth experience on the wave of Eros where sexual energy and excitement are used to experience your manhood in connection with your heart. We build the sensation and spread it throughout your body to enhance your pleasure like an orgasmic, electrified event. 

(2 hours 95 euro)


Hello visitor, my name is David and I have been working as an Eros sexual body worker and tantric masseur since 2010.

It was a very exciting journey for me to get to this point. 

My growth process through both therapeutic, body-mind oriented, spiritual and eros-tantric ways have opened me up to become a more free man in flesh, bone and relationships.

I learned to reintegrate lost, fragmented aspects, to recognize and express my needs, to deepen my breathing, to accept my sensuality and sexuality, to experience pleasure and to let my orgasmic life energy flow ...

Living from my core or authenticity is an ongoing process and I share this with others.  


My Eros education isTantra Massage and Sexuological Body-Mind-Eros work.

I have a specialisation in several other disciplines, to much to list here.



  • Send me in short your reason why you like to have this experience
  • A recent and decent picture
  • Mobile number
  • I Consciously have no picture of myself on these pages, you receive a picture in my reply of your email.
  • Important Info: At the moment I have a full scedule with my other work which takes 80% of my time. If you want a session, book long enough ahead and follow the explaned procedure.
    Thank you for your understaning


"David has a genuinely sweet soul that he shares with you through conversation and touch. His deliberate and sensual movements transfer a gentle positive energy that provide healing initially and long after the tantra massage. His website is thorough and his prompt replies put me at ease prior to arriving at his welcoming home. His place is very clean and comfortable. He speaks fluent English. I highly recommend a tantra massage with David without any reservations."     
Sean from U.S.